To protect women’s rights and causes, by creating a powerful network of feminist influencers.

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“RESIST" posters designed by Chuck Sperry for the January 21st Women’s March on Washington. Click here to download your very own poster.


On November 8th, 2016, millions of women across the country found themselves thinking, “How did this happen?” We not only failed to elect our first female president, but we elected an administration that aggressively threatens our constitution, civil rights and long fought march towards equal rights.  We formed WOW to ensure that women’s rights continue to march forward through a movement anchored in feminist beliefs and greater solidarity.

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We are a newly formed network created  in response to our recent political election.  We’re a community of female journalists, filmmakers, marketing executives, artists, designers, educators, business leaders and owners, mothers, sisters and daughters (with fantastic support of husbands, fathers and brothers!) committed to furthering feminist causes.  We come from diverse political, racial, and religious backgrounds but have a shared commitment to women’s rights and protecting women’s health.

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We're a community of women who care about protecting women's rights. If this sounds like you, join us!